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Jordan Callier

With BA degrees in both journalism and mass

communication from the University of Northern

Colorado, Jordan enrolled at the Isaacson School to

expand his digital media skillset.

He built on his writing acumen by blogging and exploring

social media, augmenting his education through design,

photography, animation, video editing, and web design.

He tutored fellow students and worked a variety of

freelance projects along the way.

One such project was an animation production for

Kissane Viola Design in Aspen, which led to a full-time

job with the firm. Today, Jordan is integrating writing,

design, and technology across a full spectrum of

media outlets.

Jennifer Guiterrez-Balmes

Jennifer catered to her

design calling early on

when she placed

nationally in the

SkillsUSA competition

for web/graphic design.

After exploring exclusive

private programs, she

opted for the significant

value offered by CMC’s

Isaacson School for

New Media.

At CMC, she served as

the staff designer for

Resident Life, and

created a wide variety of

promotional materials for

campus events.

Jennifer heightened her

skillset with web design,

digital photography, motion

graphics, videography and

editing, and animation.

Today, she’s a staff designer

with the Roaring Fork

Transit Authority (RFTA)

and a member of the

design team that created

the award-winning visual

branding for the VelociRFTA

express service that recently

debuted in the Roaring

Fork Valley. Jennifer also

designs ski graphics for a

company in Denver.

“CMC is showing

students how to

create, evaluate, and

synthesize information

that gives them a

coveted skill set in

today’s world.”

Patrick Badalain

parlayed his

background in audio engineering and

first-year experience in CMC’s Digital

Production program into an internship

at the renowned Anderson Ranch

Arts Center in Snowmass.