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Justin Patrick

Justin received the

Fullerton Family

Scholarship and is an

outstanding addition to

the Isaacson School

student body.

Highlights of his first

semester include:

“EcoFlight’s 2013 Flight

Across America. I joined

six other Colorado

students and flew in a

single-prop Cessna

observing proposed

wilderness areas and other

environmental hotspots.

Blake Lockhard

Blake is the recipient of

the Tom and Clarissa

McMahon Scholarship

for New Media. In addition

to his Isaacson School

studies he works for

Blue Tent Marketing.

Blake’s minimalist design

style graced the poster

for CMC Theatre’s 2014

production of Proof.

Blake’s 2014 spring

highlights include:

“Learning how to use the

amazing equipment in the

Video Field Production

class. I’ve never used

equipment like this before

and was beyond stoked

for this opportunity.

My favorite project of the

year was the video for

Meier skis — hands

down. I can see video

production being a huge

part of my life down the

road and I’m grateful that I

was given the opportunity

to take such a cool class.”

This trip allowed me to

take a stunning array of

photos and document the

experience using GPS

technology and Trimble—a

mapping software program.

I wrote an opinion piece

about the experience that

was recently published in

The Denver Post.”

Sirius XM Radio


Pete Dominick

interviews New Media student

Justin Patrick

and CMC President

Dr. Carrie Hauser

. Isaacson School

Audio and Video Production faculty member

Corbett Anderson


serves as the audio engineer for the interview.