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Career-oriented, cutting-edge

training for the digital world

The Isaacson School for New Media at

Colorado Mountain College is an essential

asset for our changing society. We believe

in the power of an innovative, engaging, and

dynamic learning environment that fosters a

skill set beyond traditional walls.

We focus on the digital storytelling genres

that are shaping today’s digital landscape:

professional digital photography, graphic de-

sign, digital marketing, digital production and

filmmaking, and digital journalism.

Students start using modern digital

production tools on day one, quickly

creating professional-level media.

Immersive education combined with

real-world and community-based projects

prepare students for internships, which lead

to careers in the industries that are shaping

our world and positioning Colorado at the

forefront of the competitive landscape.

New Media—the communication interplay

between technology, images, and sound—isn’t

just on the rise and it’s not just a trend. It is

an unequivocal economic driver, and career

growth in the field is substantial.

According to a 2014 Pew Research Report:

. Thirty of the largest digital-only news

organizations account for ~3,000 jobs.

. BuzzFeed now has a staff of 170, including

Pulitzer Prize-winners.

. 50% of Facebook users get news there.



Isaacson School students have interned with

a wide range of firms, including:




Aspen Sojourner


The Belly Up


Roaring Fork Transportation Authority


Kissane Viola Design


Blue Tent Marketing


Anderson Ranch