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Page Background

Realizing the potential of all partnerships that influence the

Isaacson School requires the efforts of a full-time Recruit-

ing and Outreach Director.

BENEFIT: Increased aware-

ness, enrollment, and support for the Isaacson School.

The Isaacson School is initiating partnership workshops

for businesses, training for community groups, and

conferences/training for K – 12 teachers.


The Isaacson School is a convener for our communities.

An engaging, world-class Isaacson School interactive

presence—including online, mobile, and social media—

provides a variety of touch points with the school.

BENEFIT: The Isaacson School attains and retains

national recognition and remains at the forefront of the

digital landscape.

State-of-the-art software and equipment are required for

effective Isaacson School instruction.


to these resources significantly contributes to student

success and portfolio development.

Storytelling is at the heart of the Isaacson School.

Signature Storytelling Projects will be determined

through a rigorous application and reporting process.

BENEFIT: Students take their storytelling skills to the next

level, better positioning them for internships and jobs.

The Isaacson School will remain a center of innovation

by offering online courses that make optimal use of

the medium, requiring an intentional, coordinated

approach to course development and the application

of exceptional expertise.

BENEFIT: There will be multiple

opportunities for enhanced education.

Endowment of department chairs for each of the three

program areas enhances staff development.


Isaacson School will attract and retain distinguished faculty.

The constant development of the highly technical

New Media skill set is best served through faculty

participation in notable certification programs.


This will confirm skill development and teacher stature.

CMC will attract innovative faculty and support their

academic pursuits through professional development

research funds.

BENEFIT: The Isaacson School will retain

faculty by supporting their academic pursuits.

Utilizing creative arts competitions, the Isaacson School

will attract and engage truly innovative Coloradans for

scholarship opportunities.

BENEFIT: This provides the

opportunity to leverage an existent qualification process

for top in-state talent.

Scholarships awarded to innovative, dynamic students

across the country and around the world.


Students and faculty learn through a diverse student body.

CMC developed, invested in, and is promoting this

cornerstone event for high school students.


This regional competition will become a nexus for the

media arts in the communities the College serves.

Isaacson School faculty will asses the significant need for

specialized technical learning in local high school class-

rooms and create online learning modules to address

these deficiencies.

BENEFIT: The Isaacson School will

provide technical learning that augments current school

curriculum and facilities.

The Colorado Creative Camp will offer an intensive

resident summer camp for teenagers

interested in New Media.


The creation of a powerful Isaacson

School recruiting tool.

The recent acquisition of a radio signal

in Aspen presents new opportunities

for Radio CMC. Live broadcasting will

expand CMC’s new media courses.

BENEFIT: CMC students will learn how

to integrate traditional media sources

to enhance the delivery of New Media.

Student galleries convert traditional wall art

exhibits into engaging digital exhibition

spaces featuring flat plane and tablet


BENEFIT: Increased exposure,

notability, and student engagement.

New Media luminaries offer visionary and

informative sessions, all open to the public.

BENEFIT: Public exposure and learning opportunities

increase engagement with our communities.

The Isaacson School must be a leader within the

New Media professional organizations in the field by

presenting at conferences, speaking engagements,

hosting workshops, and publishing notable works.

BENEFIT: This will enhance the capabilities of the

facility as well as elevate the reputation and recognition

of the Isaacson School.

Few avenues for enhancing the Isaacson School profile

can match faculty leadership at national academic

conferences, including but not limited to faculty

participation as presenters, panelists, and hosts.

BENEFIT: Recognition from a rarified peer group

contributes to both student and faculty recruiting.

Scholarships awarded as prizes in Isaacson School’s

annual global


competition for New Media


BENEFIT: Contest participation, global

awareness, and a diverse student body contribute to

the Isaacson School experience.